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The participant below indicates that crack cocaine use causes him to want to play the receptive rather than the insertive role in sexual intercourse when asked to identify the factors that affect his sexual behavior. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Drugs as motivators of same-sex activity refer to instances in which men report having sex with other men solely or primarily because of their own drug use or dependence. But another group that seems to have higher risk, surprisingly, is gay men in middle age. Crystal meth is used by heterosexuals and homosexuals alike, but experts worry that the drug may increase the risk of AIDS in a new generation of young gay men because it breaks down inhibitions that might otherwise prevent them from practicing unsafe sex. Nonetheless, I had been living in San Diego for some time now as a transplant to the city as most tend to be. Table 1 contains socio-demographic information on the sample stratified by whether the group included predominately HIV-infected or uninfected men.

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Increased negative affect may result from feelings of social isolation and racial marginalization Harawa et al.

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Meth Makes an Ominous Comeback Among Gay Men

American Journal of Health System Pharmacology. Meth hitting the streets today has a much higher purity than ever before, an unintended consequence of the pseudoephedrine control laws that effectively wiped out "mom-and-pop" labs, creating a supply opportunity for Mexican superlabs. Among gay men it's largely distributed through social networks or connections made on sexual network sites. Shernoff M, Scott WA, editors. This, along with common expectations of condomless sex in the chemsex scene, Fawcett says, increases the risk for transmission of STIs and HIV.

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Sloane agrees that we need change on individual, community and institutional levels, no longer blaming meth users or moralizing about sobriety, but eradicating stigmatizing attitudes that marginalize others and fighting for greater LGBTQ equality and healthcare. Methamphetamine allows users to suddenly feel powerful and confident. Cognitive restraint may include intentions to avoid sex with other men completely or avoid any emotional involvement with male sex partners Kraft et al. One participant, however, described how his female drug-using partners were more aroused and ready to have sex when under the influence of stimulants. Being gay or bisexual is not accepted and is even condemned in many contexts that are central to African American communities.

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