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Trauma of finding my wife's vodka bottles I find myself yet A couple of He used this as a springboard for an "isn't it sad the state American culture is in" sermonette. Except, that is, for people who like to live in closets. A society willing to recognize complexity and gray areas in many other aspects of life should be as willing to accept them with regards to gender and sexuality. She asked me if I every fooled around with women. Brenda said she was sorry I was a man because I really turned her on; but she is strictly lesbian.

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Did the word of God originate with you?

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I finished up with some lip liner and lip gloss. Although member Terry Jones was most famous for his female characters, all the members have been seen in drag in one sketch or another; members Michael Palin and Eric Idle have been said to look the most feminine, Graham Chapman specialized in screeching, annoying housewives and John Cleesewhom the troupe has said is the most hilarious in drag, appears so extremely unfeminine that it is funny. In some cases, the casting of a woman in a "pants role" may have been just an excuse to have an attractive actress appear in tight-fitting trousers.

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Sometimes because of guilt or other reasons cross-dressers dispose of all their clothing, a practice called "purging", only to start collecting other gender's clothing again.

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