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The list of systematic, deliberate and well-orchestrated exterminations is a long one. LGBT culture. Human rights portal LGBT portal. An estimatedmen were arrested, with 50, officially charged; between 5, and 15, were sent to camps, with a survival rate thought to be as low as forty percent. Why has the rebellious colour become pink and not lavender? At the end of the war, when the concentration camps were finally liberated, virtually all of the prisoners were released except those who wore the pink triangle. View Sample.

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Consequently, wearing Nazi triangles may even be interpreted as a form of revisionism.

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The SS was relatively elitist. It is said that those who wore the pink triangles were singled out by the guards to receive the harshest treatment, and when the guards were finished with them, some of the other inmates would harm them as well. Men who practiced what was known to be harmless amusement with other men were now subject to arrest under the law. Ironically, the star facilitated the enforcement of residence and movement restrictions for Jews.

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Holocaust Encyclopedia.

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