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But is still hoping that when the room clears of all the boorish homophobes, he can suck a cock or "play" with another man's joystick. For example, every guy has a prostate. These rules are so accurate - and I think plenty of people at my City gym have read them! Because this is one of those victimless crimes. Gay Banker View my complete profile.

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Also please check the Dear GB archives in case any of the existing postings can help. It would get replaced, and then get stolen again. See our Privacy Policy. Our community is non-judgemental and values discretion. One afternoon I decided to go to the the sauna where in front of me were two well built straight guys talking about their workout routines. I then moved to World Gym at Charles and Yonge.

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I was a member at this location for at least a year and it provided my intro to furtive gym encounters. Hi GB The very place. For that reason, I would like to propose a code of conduct for gym cruising:. Keep in mind that gym locker-room action is meant to be subtle, discreet, and non-invasive. Sadly the old gentleman saw and stayed.

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