Gay nationalism

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Similar mechanisms could be observed in the portrayal of Syrian male refugees in Europe during the so-called refugee crisis of Hidden categories: For the South African state, however, it was also a tool to moderate the intra-white social and political cleavages, forging a new white South African identity based upon the notion of a heroic, virile, and strong masculinity. Although their masculinity was not brought into question as perpetrators, their acts are interpreted in terms of powerit was defined as significantly different from Croat masculinity. The last section considers the location of homophobia as a technology of Othering in the phenomenon of homonationalism. Christian, M. Journal of Gender Studies, 5 2—

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The notion that gender hierarchies are a process is not new and has been central to the work of Judith Butlerwho also has reflected on how this relates to kinship and nation.

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Beacon Press. The possibility of change reflects the flexibility and malleability of the national boundaries despite their representation as inherently fixed by nationalist actors. People of color have in fact been made to feel literally unsafe in Queer Nation meetings.

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