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His penthouse is huge, elegant, and worth more than I will ever make in this life time. Getting blasted in the face with his farts …. He then smirks back at me over his shoulder. Between my breathing and his laughter, he would lower his head and touch my ears with his lips, and I could feel his dick getting hard in his pants. Keep sniffing up my farts so we can push those thoughts of that lying slut out of your head.

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That really scared me.

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Then he got off of my face, and lied across my entire body. I started to panic, but then Brian rushed to my side. A man dropped off it. Even though I knew whatever he had in store for me was probably hrrible, one week of it was definitely better than two. With my nose still trapped in his hole, Connor goes on a farting rampage as he talks to me.

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Connor rips another fart right in my face. I peeked in drawers and looked at old pictures. And as we leave I count the seconds until I can smell another one of his pungent farts. If I had any piss left, I would've pissed in my shorts because of horror. I was about to do that, when he shot a big spit in my face. I obeyed his command, and with that he pulled the roots of my long blonde hair in his fingers, and started to fuck in the depth of my throad roughly. He stops when his butt cheeks meet the couch and my head has zero contact with the outside world.

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