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But don't tell Mom and Dad! New article from the Springfield Shopper: Burns that [Smithers was] always talking about". And, what isn't funny about Moe offering sexual favors to the same sex? Pommelhorst, the new shop teacher, after having a female-to-male sex change operation. Homer gets mad at John Waters for not being more gay. The contractor replied that he was gay, but had a subcontractor Angelo who would take care of that.

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After he loses, Smithers saves his finances by gaslighting Burns and Nigel then kisses Smithers in gratitude.

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Homer's Phobia

Nickbut because Nick had the surgery files mixed up, Largo ended up getting an operation intended for Moe which made him shorter. When he drives Homer from Springfield to Serenity Ranch for some treatment, he suggests that they stop off at a motel and split a room, even though it's only an hour's drive. Was this review helpful to you? In its original broadcast, "Homer's Phobia" finished tied for 47th place in the weekly ratings for the week of February 10—16,with a Nielsen rating of 8. Now let's get to decorating, Girlfriend.

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Is currently and unhappily married to a young woman, but tries very hard to win Smithers in a bet. Yes No Report this. Retrieved January 13, As evidence, "Homer's Phobia" was shown to the judge to prove that The Simpsons promoted homosexuality, and thus should not be aired again on the channel. This season, The Simpsons gay character will be… spoiler after the jump, you have been warned. This is my favorite Simpsons episode because it's the two things that me orgasm the most, John Waters and The Simpsons. The Simpsons met Stanlerina when Helen was taking her for a hormone treatment.

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